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Home Weatherization

What Is Home Weatherization?

When ServicePro technicians weatherize your home, it becomes more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in. The process typically involves addressing air leaks, improving insulation, and other factors impacting your home’s energy performance.

Types of Home Weatherization

Duct Sealing and Insulation

Sealing and insulating ductwork prevent air leaks and loss of conditioned air, improving HVAC efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

HVAC System Optimization

Optimizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems ensures efficient operation, reduced energy waste, and enhanced indoor comfort.

Air Sealing

Caulking air leaks in walls, windows, doors, and spaces stops drafts, reduces heat loss in winter, and prevents summer heat gain, enhancing energy efficiency.


Materials such as rubber, vinyl, and metals used to seal cracks and gaps around your windows and doors to prevent drafts, air leaks, and moisture infiltration.

Insulation Upgrades

Adding or upgrading insulation in floors, walls, and attics helps regulate indoor temperatures and reduce your demand for heating and cooling.

Window and Door Upgrades

Install energy-efficient windows and doors to improve insulation, reduce air leakage, increase comfort, and save energy.

Blower Door Testing

Measures air leakage and airtightness in buildings. It uses a powerful fan to create pressure differences that identify areas where air enters or escapes the home.

The Five Benefits of ServicePro’s Home Weatherization Services


Lower energy bills due to a reduction in energy waste


Increased comfort from consistent temperatures and reduced drafts


Improved indoor air quality by preventing infiltration of outdoor pollutants/allergens


Environmental impact; reduced energy consumption lowers carbon footprints


Enhanced home value; weatherized homes attract more potential buyers


Keep insects and Critters out.

Home Weatherization Features

When assessing your home, ServicePro skilled technicians leave no stone unturned. Our comprehensive assessments dig deep to uncover your energy loss spots. We then develop customized solutions tailored to your conditions. ServicePro only uses top-quality materials and the best people to ensure long-lasting performance and guaranteed energy savings. You can rest easy knowing ServicePro has your energy efficiency covered.

Average savings 40-50% over the competition

Financing available with approved credit

We stand behind our work with a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction

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